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Sloping Roof or Flat Roof in Tropical Climate


In tropical countries like Indonesia, which get sunlight almost all year long, the selection of the shape of the roof needs to be done properly. The choice of shape and material on the roof will affect the ability of the roof to ward off hot air from sunlight. For tropical countries, the sloping roof is considered the best choice because it has the ability to withstand hot air.

Advantages of Sloping Roofs

In general, sloping roofs have a better response to hot air. Because the cavity that is located between the roof and ceiling functions as air circulation so that the hot air does not directly fall into the room located below it.

Rainwater will flow directly down the sloping roof faster so it does not settle to the top of the roof. So that there is no puddle of water or dirt left on the roof which can later be one of the causes of leakage on the roof.

To prevent rainwater tampias from entering the house, sloping roof construction should also be given overstek or extension of the roof, known as eaves. This element will reduce the possibility of rainwater directly on the building walls. You could say this element is a thing that should not be forgotten because if the rain continues to wet the walls of the house then over time the walls will be fragile and cracked.

Sloping Roof Deficiency

Sloping roof requires more roofing material and roof construction to ensure the strength of the roof, especially when it rains or strong winds, the steeper the shape of the roof, the more roofing material and roof construction are needed so that the costs incurred are also greater.


Every mall, warehouse, apartment building or school usually has a flat roof. This type of roof is more easily installed on large surfaces and is the most common choice for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Advantages of Flat Roofs

One of the advantages of using a flat roof is the low cost. This is because flat roofs have a very small slope so they require less material or material needed. Of course this will save costs.

Flat roof surface can also be used as a place to grow plants, clothes drying and other purposes. So that in addition to functioning as a roof can also be used for other uses.

Lack of Flat Roof

Flat roof with a flat surface will cause water or dirt that falls on the surface can not be wasted by itself. If allowed to continue can cause leak problems. So that routine cleaning the roof surface from dirt or water is one solution to prevent flat roofs from leaking.

Flat roofs are designed to absorb heat. This condition will benefit when the cold winter with cold temperatures where the use of a flat roof in a building will make the temperature warmer. But the opposite. When summer comes, a flat roof will absorb heat from the sun. As a result the temperature of the air in the room feels hotter.

Conclusions for the Selection of Sloping or Flat Roofs:


Sloping roof has a variety of material choices so that there is freedom to make the shape of the roof in accordance with the wishes of the building owner. While the flat surface of the roof can be used as a green area or grow crops. This will not only make the air fresher will also beautify the outside appearance of the building.


Sloping roof has a slope angle that serves to get rid of objects such as rain water and dirt that is above it, thereby reducing the possibility of leakage due to clogged tubes. While the flat and flat shape makes a flat roof reduce the risk of being released when there is a big wind


Sloping surfaces on sloping roofs make the building owner does not need to routinely clean the roof because of its sloping shape and the earth's gravitational force will automatically cause dirt or water to fall down immediately after hitting the roof surface.

However, if the roof has a leak, the repair process must be done carefully. The reason is because of its sloping surface. Its flat surface makes the flat roof unable to get rid of dirt or standing water above it, so building owners must routinely clean it to prevent leakage. However, if a leak occurs, the repair process will be easier because of the flat roof surface.


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