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The list of questions commonly asked by visitors:

1. Q: What is the raw material Metal tiles Rainbow?
A: Raw Material Metal tiles that Rainbow is Galvanise supply of Fumira

2. Q: Why choose Galvanise as raw material?
A: Because the ISO-standard Steel Galvanise already so its quality and standard thickness of zinc as an anti-corrosion guarantee.

3. Q: What is the advantage Galvanise compared to other metals (eg galvalum / Zincalume)
A: - Galvanize more resistant to Basa (cement) so it is more rust resistant
- Galvanise already ISO-standard so that the thickness of the zinc coating as an anti-rust more secure and can be accounted
- Material Galvanise is soft so when tiles on a nail and bend according to the shape of the roof had no hairline cracks (as an anti-rust zinc coating does not peel) that zinc as a rust protector to function optimally.

4. Q: What are the advantages Rainbow Metal tiles from other products?
A: - Certified ISO 9001-2008
- Provide a written warranty (warranty length depending on the thickness of the plate material
- Base Coat (gluten) that is used to contain Polymer Styron which is elastic so that when the tiles in the shape of nails and the bent roof, Base coat (adhesive) had no hairline cracks so that the adhesive base material serves as a protective function optimally.
- Base Coat (adhesive) contains substances that resist mold growth Algaside

5. Q: Is the roof strong Rainbow trampled?
A: All products Metal tiles, a position that should be in the stampede on the batten

6. Q: Is the Rainbow mossy tiles?
A: Base Coat (adhesive) on the metal roof Algaside Rainbow mengadung substances that block the growth of fungus.

7. Q: Is the Hot Metal tiles?
A: All the properties of Metal rapidly absorb heat and quickly release heat. As one of the alternative solutions on the ceiling give vent for ventilation air, reducing the temperature of the air is beneficial between the roof and ceiling of the room so that the air temperature at the bottom is not heat

8. Q: Is the Metal tiles noisy when it rains?
A: Natural rocks lining the base material that serves as a voice breaking noise level of only 50 Dba (same volume as people talking)

9. Q: Does the color of tile rock Metal Rainbow in the paint?
A: Rainbow Metal tiles are colored using natural rock foundation in their true vibrant colors are perfected with a topcoat with a matching color that serves to unify the color and cover the gap so as not to get in the rock dust that trigger the growth of fungi.


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