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Advantages of Sandy Metal Tile

Sandy metal tile is a type of metal tile coated with a layer of sand and the material for its manufacture is galvalume az100, to be exact is a mixture of zincalume, galvanized and mild steel. Sandy metal tiles have been increasingly in demand for some time, especially in urban areas. This tile can be used as a roof for all kinds of buildings ranging from residential houses, schools, warehouses, offices, health centers and so on. Even in Kalimantan, the average building there uses metal tiles and sandy metal tiles.

However, because in Indonesia the most popular type of clay tile is, many people still doubt this type of tile. Do not know then it is not a shame, if you do not know what has become the excess of sandy metal tile, it certainly is not fair. Well, here are the advantages of sandy metal tiles:

1. Higher durability.

Metal roof tiles or sandy metal tiles have high durability. Because it is made of metal or metal, this tile automatically has several advantages about its durability: anti-weathering, anti-cracking, anti-fungal and certain, anti-termite. With these characteristics, it is not surprising that sandy metal tile can be used for decades.

2. Light weight.

Because it is in the form of sheets, automatically, the weight of the sandy metal tile is lighter. The average weight of the arrangement of sandy metal tile with an area of ??1 square meter, the weight it has is approximately 7 kg. Try to compare it with the type of concrete tile that has a weight of 60 kg for the same area.

3. Suitable for earthquake-prone areas.

Sandy metal tiles in the form of sheets with special installations make this tile more unified and resistant to shocks, so this sandy metal tile is suitable for use as a roof of a house in earthquake-prone areas.

4. Can be supported with a simple frame.

Because the weight of sandy metal tile tends to be lighter, this makes it unnecessary for a roof frame with a complicated structure. It can even be supported by a simple roof frame, such as mild steel or wood. In contrast to concrete tiles that need a roof frame that is complicated enough to make it well supported.

5. Installation is easy and fast.

Metal tile has been designed in such a way by the manufacturer to make it easier and faster for installation. Sand metal sheets in the shape of sheets, only need to be spread out and fitted with screws so the tile is ready to be made into a roof.

6. Many attractive color choices.

Sandy metal tile has several attractive color choices, this is what makes this tile popular. Compare with clay or asbestos colors that are monotonous.

7. Not noisy.

Because the layer of sand that is owned by this type of tile, the sand layer can be used as a silencer material. If the installation of tile and ceiling is correct, the combination of both can hold or muffle the sound from the outside better.

8. Rustproof.

Sandy metal tiles are coated specifically with sand. This makes it more resistant to rust and corrosion. This is reinforced by a layer of paint that covers the entire tile area.

Although the advantages of sandy metal tiles are quite a lot, you need to remember that this type of tile costs much more than other types of tile. But no matter how expensive it is, if the quality is good then it certainly doesn't matter.

Well, for those of you who are currently looking for sandy metal tiles, please contact Rainbow Roof 021-55658080. May be useful!


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