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Preparing to Welcome Christmas Various Decoration

By Christmas, of course there is one important decoration to celebrate. Yep! the decoration is a Christmas tree! To enliven the Christmas celebration, of course, Christmas tree decorations decorated inside the house become an important decoration. In decorating this tree, of course, it needs to be adjusted to the desired theme. The green color of the Christmas tree will have a variety of sightings with a decoration concept which is of course also various. Here are some Christmas tree decorations that you can apply at home.

1. Rustic Luxe
Christmas tree decorations with natural colors give a rustic yet classy impression. This is adapted to various furniture and decorations that are in the room. The Christmas tree is decorated with white and silver ornaments added with shining white LED lights. Not forgetting the simple but stunning ribbon.

2. Santa Style
Judging from the decoration, this one Christmas tree is really striking. By highlighting the santa theme, the tree is decorated with a variety of distinctive red and white colors with Santa's clothes. Not only that, from Santa's hat, Santa's socks to hanging ornaments that are identical to the santa look unique. Coupled with a hanging ball that says 'ho ho' which is the hallmark of Santa's voice. Unique and festive decoration.

3. White Christmas
One of the awaited moments at Christmas in the country 4 seasons is snowy Christmas or commonly called white christmas. Besides being romantic, of course it will give a special impression on that day. This can also be applied in Christmas tree decorations at home. By giving a touch of ornament in the form of white snow, the tree will look like it is covered in snow. As for bird decorations and Christmas gifts with packs that are decorated to adorn the area.

4. Citrus Ornament
Decorating a Christmas tree does not always have to be decorated with plastic and cloth. Dried fruits like decorators in this one tree can also be applied. Dry lemons and gingerbread decorating not only look unique to the Christmas tree, but also provide a fresh aroma in the room.

5. Countdown
This one decoration will add to your enthusiasm ahead of the Christmas celebration. Various decorations and gifts are added with numbers. The numbers printed on the Christmas tree can be used to count down this big day. Of course, the closer you are to Christmas, the more enthusiasm you will receive. Change the numbers on the Christmas tree every day and you will be even more excited.

6. Camp Style
This time the tree decoration looks festive. Various colors and flags are also attached to the tree. This is certainly reminiscent of the time of camping and camping in nature with friends or family. Unique and cheerful also makes the room feel more alive. It is very suitable to be installed on Christmas day when camping together.

7. Blooming Tree
A beautiful design and also looks luxurious successfully displayed with the flowers that adorn this tree. Roses or various other flowers can be the main decoration on the Christmas tree. Also present the atmosphere in the surrounding area near the Christmas tree so the room feels crowded. In the top part of the tree is quite important and is decorated with red ribbon with a design resembling a flower.

8. Pet Friendly
Warning for those of you who keep pets. Pets love to play with tree decorations so that it might make you have to rearrange the decorations. Therefore keep in mind to decorate a Christmas tree that is safe for pets too. Choose an artificial Christmas tree that is no more than 2 meters high. Place it in the corner of the room that is stuck by the wall so it is safer. Do not forget to also choose the color of the flat decoration does not sparkle so that pets are not interested. The ornament must also be hard so that it is not easily chewed by dogs or cats. Put the decoration below a little and also close the current of the electric cable with duct tape so that it is safer to pass.


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