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Inspiration Design House Roof To Differ
atap rumahThe roof is the crown of the house. Roof can make the facade of the house to be different. Maybe the roof of your house is time to be replaced. Problems that often occur include wood is porous and leaked here and there. Instead of wood, you might want to replace it with a lightweight steel roof. The roof load will be lighter if you also choose to use metal roof tiles. As long as you will renovate the roof, or will even build a house, there is no harm in designing a roof that also beautify the house.
Many homes use a simple saddle shape. Besides the cost is cheaper, designing is also simpler. Simple does not mean cheap. In the tips this time we will give examples how to develop the form of a saddle roof.
1. Standard Shape: Symmetrical Gable Roof
The basic shape of the gable roof is symmetrical. Length of left and right side are same. The angle of both is also the same. The safest angle of the slope is 28-30 degrees. In tropical climates with high rainfall, the slanting roof will be better. See the following picture.
2. Development A: A-Symmetrical saddle Roof
The symmetrical saddle shape may be boring. Then you can make it asymmetrical. Namely the length of the left side and the right side is different. Likewise, the angle is not the same.
3. Development B: Roof Rides / Rhythmic Roof
The development of this roof model is suitable for buildings that extend to the side. In the example below the house building is quite extreme in width and consists of a garage, service room, dining room, living room and two rooms on the right side. Shape roof in this type of house should be varied, so as not to appear boring. The highest part should be placed in the living room or family room. The goal for the house feels spacious.
4. Development C: Split Saddlebag
The more complicated development is by splitting the roof and spacing between the two parts. The middle part is given no or flat roof. In this way the house will look more classy and majestic. The angle of the roof, will increase its splendor. The example below is the application of a roof in a two-story tropical house. This type of roof can also be developed into symmetrical and symmetrical roofs a-symmetrical.
All the above design examples are mere sketches. Still further development and calculation is required before a sketch is acceptable. But hopefully the picture above inspires.


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