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6 Ways to Install a Leak-Free Roof
The roof is often referred to as the crown of a house. This is because the function of the roof is generally used as a cover for all rooms in the house against the effects of heat, rain, dust, dirt and wind. In connection with this, you should not be careless in choosing a roof. The roof must be adjusted to the shape and model of the house. This is because it greatly affects the appearance, cost, climate, and materials used. Therefore, some roof functions as well as tips on installing a roof that can be done are as follows.
1. As the value of home art
In order for a roof to look attractive and be able to provide good artistic value to the occupants of the house and people who see it, the roof should be used in harmony with the house and according to the tastes of the residents. In addition, the roof is an element of a house that has dominant artistic value. Therefore, the roof is influential in building a house. Taking this into account, then use a good quality roof, able to guarantee the safety of the soul, and make the house look beautiful and charming.
2. As a silencer
In order to create a good sound absorber, such as dampening the sound of lightning, rain, the sound of airplane engines, traffic vehicles, and so on, use thick and dense materials, such as the use of areca roof tiles which are thick and of good quality. However, if you want a roof that is of thick quality, but with lightweight materials, you can use a roof made of asphalt with a mixture of fibers.
3. As a protector from the wind
Selection of the right roof, good, and has a quality standard of thickness can provide life safety. In addition, the material connection between components must be strong and sturdy. In addition, make sure that the covering material is perfectly arranged, so that there are no leaks when it rains. Or even during bad weather conditions, a strong wind blows the roof off by itself.
4. As a protector from lightning and fire
For those of you who have a house in a highland area, there is nothing wrong if the roof of the house is fitted with a lightning rod for the safety of your soul. Elements of the lightning rod can change sparks to neutral, so explosions and fires are not easy. Choose a good quality material, such as copper, brass, or iron. In addition, you should use a roof covering made of non-combustible materials, such as send and steel.
5. As a protector from the storm
Use good, quality, thick, and waterproof materials. Likewise, the anti-leak coating material, which can be applied simultaneously with the installation of the roof so that the roof joints do not leak easily. The shape of the roof must also be considered to suit the local weather and climate. In tropical areas, the use of a sloping roof is the best solution. Because, with this shape, when it rains the water quickly flows down without having to precipitate on the roof first. In order to avoid splashing rainwater that falls from the roof, it would be nice if the eaves were given at the bottom of the roof. Usually, these eaves are used in houses with modern concepts with sloping roofs. It is this element that keeps rainwater from hitting the wall directly. This is because if there is rainwater that keeps on wetting the walls of the house, over time the walls will crack, become brittle and damp.
6. As a protector from the sun
The use of a sloping roof also has more benefits than other roof models. Because, at the bottom of the roof, there is a cavity that is sufficient for air circulation and functions as a heat dissipator. In addition, the materials used also provide an extra role in warding off heat. For example, using an insulator can reduce heat during the day. However, if you want to provide small gaps so that sunlight can enter the house, especially parts of the house that have no windows, a transparent roof and laminated glass placed in parts that are rarely exposed to sunlight can be a solution, so that sunlight enters inside. house is not superfluous.


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