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How to care for the roof of the house properly
The roof provides protection for you from various weather such as rain and sun. For that, you also need to provide protection for the roof. One of the seasons that damage the roof and cause disturbance is the rainy season. In this season, people are worried about their occupancy which has a damaged or leaking roof. Incoming rainwater can damage furniture and household appliances. In addition, it can make the floor wet and make the walls of the house become rotten and moldy.
Often, many people do not regularly take care of the roof of their house. The new damage is seen when the rainy season has arrived. It is not surprising that the service of fixing the roof is very popular, especially during the rainy season. With the need to do renovations quickly, not a few have found it expensive to repair the process quickly. Prevention is the best solution. You don't want to experience any of the things mentioned above. How to prevent damage to the roof with the earliest possible detection? The only way is to do regular maintenance. Here's how to care for the roof in all seasons.
Clean the Roof Periodically
To care for the roof, you need to do regular cleaning. Clean the roof from all possibilities that can damage the roof, such as trash, moss, or other dirt. Also make sure the water drains are smooth and that no dirt can get along. This treatment needs to be done regularly two weeks or at least once a month.
Clean Ventilation
The next thing you can do is make sure the roof vents are in brilliant condition. This means that there is no trash, thick dust, or dirt piling up on each other. This needs to be done so that water vapor circulation can run properly.
Free from Animal Distraction
Pests are one of the causes that often cause roof damage. Call it rats and other rodents. These stars can infiltrate roofs, run around, or build nests, causing the roof to deteriorate. Manure from these animals is not only a source of disease but also can reduce the resistance of the roof. In order to prevent rats from appearing in your house and making the roof their nest, you need to be careful in placing your food. In addition, to dispose of residual waste needs to be done properly too. Rats appear when you don't take good care of your house.
Roof Selection And Installation
Prevention is better than cure, and this also applies to the roof of your house. One of the precautions you can take is to choose a high-quality roof. You can add protection with waterproofing paint for the roof or not concrete. Furthermore, you must also hire a professional roof installation service. Reduce the factors that can cause damage to the roof, such as installation by an inexperienced builder.
Check Ceiling
When checking the roof, you should also look at the ceiling condition of the house. Apart from the roof, the ceiling can also be the cause of leaks in your home. Poor ceiling conditions make it easier for leaks to occur. You need to re-cement the ceiling whose conditions are not ideal.


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