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Types of roofs that are suitable for your home
Currently the types of roofs begin to take various forms. The house has a function as protection from rain and heat. Now, to support this function, the existence of a quality roof with the right material will make the house feel comfortable. Below are the types of roofs that can inspire those of you who were confused about choosing a residential roof.
Clay roof tiles
Clay tile is the tile of a million people. Lhoh how come? Because this type of tile is the type most often used by the community. Clay tile has the advantage of being relatively affordable, easy to find, available in various shapes and models, sturdy, durable. While the disadvantage of this clay tile roof is that it is easy to mossy and moldy if no coating paint is applied. Plus the installation requires a material that is not the least bit like wood which is quite a lot as the frame
Tin Roof
This zinc roof has the advantage of the minimal use of the necessary frames. The weight is light enough, the installation must use nails in the frame. Zinc roofs are very affordable compared to other roofs. The disadvantage of this zinc roof is that it is very easy to rust. In addition, a house with a tin roof looks like an unsanitary house when used for a long time. Its nature retains heat, so the temperature becomes very hot and often causes noise when it rains.
Asbestos roof
Asbestos roofs look exactly like zinc, but one of the advantages of asbestos is that they don't absorb heat. Apart from that aspes can be found anywhere and very affordable. Plus it's easy to install, durable, and lightweight. The weakness of this asbestos roof is that there are health risks that lurk. Asbestos fibers made of carbon peel off easily and can interfere with respiratory health when the debris is inhaled. Asbestos is also not sturdy, easily broken. So that the installation requires caution.
Canopy Roof
The advantage is that it is beautiful and varied. Canopy has a relatively long resistance even up to decades. The downside of the roof is that an installation without adequate ventilation will often look darker. Even though the function of home ventilation is to change the indoor air. The zinc-like canopy type also makes noise when it rains. This roof view is often used for car ports or car garages.
Membrane Roof
Membrane roofs are widely used for various things. Its flexible nature and relatively cheap price make this membrane-based roof an option. Usually used for roof terrace houses, cafe roofs, stadium roofs, tourist areas, etc.
Concrete tile roof
This roofing material is molded from concrete which is shaped like clay tile. This type of tile roof is used as a roof design for modern minimalist residences. There are tons of options, from corrugated to flat tiles. A level of quality and durability that is nothing to worry about. Concrete roofs have a fairly good resistance to even extreme weather. However, the disadvantages of concrete tile roofs are heavier than other types.
Cast concrete roof
Another name for reinforced concrete roof. Cast concrete roofs are often used in multi-storey dwellings that have more than one floor. Its sturdy shape is one of the advantages of this type of roof. Another advantage is weather resistance, weathering free and fairly resistant to fire. The weakness of this type of roof is that it is easy to grow moss, ferns, and other wild plants that can be possible to grow when the building ages. If the foundation construction has not started, then you have to make a chicken claw foundation so that the foundation is really strong to support the cast concrete roof. Because if the use of this roof is not accompanied by a really strong foundation, the walls will not be able to support the concrete roof properly and cause hair cracks in the walls.
Ceramic tile roof
Of course, ceramic tile roofs are made of ceramic material. However, the main material for making it is the same as conventional tile, namely clay. At the stage of making this tile, it is not different from tile in general, which distinguishes the presence of glatzur dye coating during the finishing stage. The color of the ceramic roof is quite durable, this is because the manufacturing process is burned at a very high temperature. But the weakness of this ceramic tile roof installation must be locked with a bolt nut, the frame for installing ceramic tile is wood and concrete.
Glass tile roof
The roof of a house made of glass tile is a roof composed of tile with glass material. The advantages of this type of tile can be used as ventilation, where sunlight can enter the house. The installation of this glass tile roof can be one way to protect and prevent the walls from excess moisture so as to minimize moldy walls. While the weakness, this tile can only be applied to certain parts of a dwelling. Because if you use too many glass tiles, the house temperature will increase so that the room temperature becomes hot enough during the day when the sun is shining brightly.
Metal tile roof
Metal tile roofs are composed of roof tiles made of stainless metal or lightweight steel. The shape is similar to zinc sheet. Its light weight is the advantage of metal tile roofs. Metal roofs have the effect of reflecting the ground so that the house feels cool during the day. In addition, the metal roof is anti-shatterproof, anti-moss, fireproof and maintenance-free and anti-rust. Price constraints are again the weakness of this type of roof. But if you want the house to feel cool and comfortable, metal tile roofs can be your inspiration. In addition to the installation it requires accuracy, the results shown from the appearance of the roof of your house are very beautiful.


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