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Steps to Install a Spandek Roof

Spandek roofs are generally applied to cover the roofs of warehouses, shop houses, factories, malls, and various other buildings. The thickness of the roof spandex available in the market varies from 0.3 to 0.5 mm. While the width of the stretch also varies. Likewise, the available colors also vary from black, gray, white, blue, red, brown, green and others. Regarding durability, spandex roofing is often cited as one of the most durable roofing materials. This type of roof can last for more than 20 years. The combination of zinc and aluminum elements makes spandex roof also has anti-termite and anti-rust properties.

Spandek roof can be applied with a gording distance of about 120mm because the profile has many curves which will make it stiff and sturdy. Using a building roof covering with a spandex roof has several advantages, including: a sturdy profile design makes it more economical and efficient, and has an influence on the function of the building, cooler, a design that looks futuristic, and colors that don't fade easily and are more rust resistant.

Regarding how to install a spandex roof, you need to know the following steps:

1. Measure the pedestal distance

Before you want to install, you need to know how big the spandex roof will be. Therefore, the dimensions of the length, width and height of the roof are needed. If you have found the data, immediately measure the distance required by the roof. You also need a way to calculate the correct needs for a spandex roof.

2. Designing light steel truss

In designing the truss, there are several factors that need to be considered, namely the strength of the structure to withstand the weight of the roof, the degree of roof slope so that rainwater can flow without obstacles and determining the length of the top chord. To determine this, you can use the services of experts who are experienced in roof truss construction work. This is done to avoid failure in the installation process.

3. Putting on a stance

When the design of the truss has been completed, then the installation process can be carried out. This job will require the help of a number of people. Don't forget to wear gloves and protective goggles to avoid unwanted accidents.

4. Installing mild steel lath

After installing the truss, the next job is to install the battens. The batten type refers to the type of roof covering used, which in this case is the spandex roof. Because the battens must match the width of the leaves from the roof. So that the distance between battens is not always the same on every roof of the house. Therefore, identify the advantages and disadvantages of spandek roofs.

5. Installation of the spandex roof

The finished roof truss indicates that you can only install a spandex roof. This work must be done carefully and thoroughly, so that the house does not leak.

6. The finishing process

The finishing process is to re-evaluate the results of the work, if something looks wrong, fix it right away.

Those are some descriptions of how to install a spandex roof that you must know and learn. Hopefully useful and good luck!


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