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Causes of Roof Leaking

The rainy season is a very significant test for a building. This also becomes a kind of gamble for designers and contractors. The main problem that most often arises when it rains especially at home is leakage. The part of the house that most often leaks is of course the roof, because the roof is the part of the house that faces the rainwater directly. This time we will discuss building errors that are Leading to Leaks on House Roofs.

Roof leaks do not only occur due to errors in roof design or roof position and slope. Leaks also often occur because of errors in material applications. Roofing material that is not installed according to the procedure will most likely have problems. For example, tile roofs that require a minimum slope of 35 degrees, alang-alang roofs that need a lot of layers to not leak or concrete roofs that need a good drainage system. Even if the roof leaks a little if left for long will cause serious problems with other parts under the roof. Another part of the most vulnerable is the ceiling. Roof leaks cause ceiling spots, damaged or broken.

As for some of the factors causing roof leaks in general (especially in residential houses) as we have summarized explained in the following list:

1. The existence of a damaged or perforated roof, such as a cracked tile, cracked asbestos roof and others.

2. The position of the roof that is not tight and the gap between seepage slabs, especially for tile roofs.

3. The size of the roof pieces that are not the same, this could have happened because of differences in the manufacturer or brand of roof used.

4. Problems with kerpus / rooftop for tile roofs. Usually there are cracks in the mixture underneath.

5. Garbage or dirt that clogs the roof flow, which results in seepage of the roof gap.

6. The size of the drainage pipe that is too small, so that if heavy rain is not strong enough to accommodate the flow of rain water.

7. The age of the roof is long so that it can cause porous roofs, especially in rusty zinc roofs.

8. Nails that are not patched on zinc and asbestos roofs can cause leakage.

9. There is a leak in the concrete for the roof not / flat. For this reason, it is necessary to test the puddle when making the roof.

10. The slope of the roof is not in accordance with the type of roof used.

Curved roof construction or frame due to roof material that is too heavy.

11. The roof design is less than ideal, usually a limasan roof that turns or is L-shaped prone to leaking at curves.

12. Gutter water that is less deep. For roofs that use gutters the edges must be deep enough or large enough if you use pipes to be able to accommodate water for heavy rain.

13. Attached or patched roofs are highly prone to leaking, in the design and construction of clear streams.

14. Skylights with different roofing materials are also often sources of leakage.

15. Each type of roof has different installation and maintenance methods. In addition, each type of roof also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Thus the cause of roof leaks. In addition to some of the factors above of course there are still other factors, if you have other opinions please add it in the comments column, thank you.


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