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Metal Tile Strengths and Weaknesses

Metal tile made of a mixture of metal materials such as zincalume, mild steel, and galvanized. There are two types of metal tile commonly sold on the market, namely:

- Plain tile

- Sand tile

Metal tile or metal roof is popular for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Metal tile or metal roof meets the highest requirements in terms of durability, strength, and stability. Many manufacturers claim that metal roofing or metal roofing requires little or no maintenance, is inexpensive, and has a longer shelf life compared to other roofing materials. Metal tile is durable and also resistant to mechanical damage. Not surprisingly, many residential owners are willing to use metal to protect the building as a roof.

Metal tile or metal roof can complement all types of architecture:

• Durable metal roof

• Resistant to cracks, shrinkage and erosion. Metal is a material that is almost free of maintenance costs.

• Many metal roof systems have interlocking panels, which can fight and eliminate damage from strong winds.

• Metal tile or metal roof can withstand extreme weather conditions including heavy loads, rainstorms and fires.

Metal tile is more durable and has a high durability.

The main factor for homeowners to consider when looking for roof cover options is durability and durability. This makes metal tile a better choice, because it is a durable consideration. Metal tile or metal roof can also withstand strong winds and is a type of tough roof. You don't need to worry about maintenance and care if you use this roof.

Metal tile provides energy benefits.

A metal roof system is an energy efficient type of roof, because it reflects the sun's heat and can reduce cooling costs. Metal roofs are not flammable in the event of a minor fire. The material used on metal roofing or metal roofing is versatile and durable.

The advantage of sand metal tile is that it can withstand the sun's heat and muffle the sound of rain than plain metal tile.

The Advantages of Metal Tile

- High Durability, this one roof material is anti-breakage, anti-mildew, anti-weathering, and termite resistant.

- Metal tile can be used for decades without experiencing serious damage.

- Metal tile is also claimed to be maintenance free.

- Has a light weight.

- Metal tile is safe to use and is the best roof choice for earthquake-prone areas.

- Usually the metal roof tile is mounted with a support made of mild steel, and can also use a wooden frame.

- Installation is easy and fast.

- Even metal tile is claimed to have an excellent ability to withstand strong winds & earthquake shocks.

- Metal tile can be applied in homes with modern, minimalist, to traditional designs.

- Are environmentally friendly, the reason is because this tile is made from recycled materials which reaches 60 percent.

- Even metal tiles that have been damaged can be used again as a base for making new metal roof tiles.

Some shortcomings of metal tile or metal roof

Despite the fact that this metal roof is so popular, it also has several shortcomings.

- The surface of the tile is easily dented if it is stepped on especially in the progress of the installation, and is vulnerable to strong pressure.

- Expansion and contraction of metal roofing materials can damage the roof, if the metal layer is damaged there is a risk of corrosion.

- Thin metal is less durable and is also susceptible to mechanical damage.

- If heavy rain occurs, it can cause noise on the roof surface, but this is not too significant because now the producers have made an innovation to overcome this problem by means of metal tile surfaces in layers of sand, natural stone, this can reduce noise if there is rain , so as not slippery, withstand the heat of the sun, and provide certain textures to enhance your appearance.

Price of metal tile or metal roof.

- Metal tile is considered the most appropriate purchase, because it is believed that a roof like this is suitable for covering the roof of the house.

- Metal tile has been treated with a protective structure, painted, and can be stamped on but needs to be a little careful.

- Metal tile is slightly cheaper compared to other types of tile.


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