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A Messy House After Lebaran Holidays?
The Lebaran holiday is over. Usually the house is the destination for hospitality or accepts an open house, it's time to clean up again. But it turned out that the house fell apart after the Eid holiday was also experienced by those who left the house for a long time due to going home. Houses that are left for a long time usually leave a lot of dirt and dust. If it's like this, it feels lazy for some, especially if the holiday aura is still very attached. But if it is not cleaned, the house will certainly not be comfortable to live in. There are some easy tips for cleaning a messy house after Eid holidays.

- Involve other family members to clear the house: husband and child. For this reason, it is necessary to arrange an appropriate schedule so that all family members are involved. In addition, make sure that your work is done when your body is fit.
- Write one by one the homework you want to do and share the task. Don't forget to also include daily homework.
- Before cleaning the house, you should first survey each room. Analyze the area that most requires extra improvement, how to fix it, and the equipment needed to clear the area. Do it in every room in the house.
- When cleaning the house, you should focus on one room first then proceed to another room. For example, tidy up the living room first and then into the kitchen.
- Avoid clearing the room by collecting all the items scattered in the room, put in a box. After the room was swept and dipel, the items were returned to their original place. A better way is to arrange items that are scattered first, then clean from the dust that sticks.
- To remove stubborn stains on furniture, use baby oil by dropping it on a cloth and rub it on the stain on the furniture. The result is quite satisfying.
- We recommend that you combine the cleaning equipment into one such as a broom, mop, floor cleaning liquid, window and others using containers that have wheels. So for one room, you can do some homework with a more effective time.
- Clean up while listening to music, so that all family members can work feeling relaxed. Without realizing it, the work was finished.

After cleaning the house is completed by quickly sharing with the family, it never hurts to maintain the comfort of the house so that it is always neat, so you and your family are ready to be visited by the guests again. Happy cleaning the house!


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