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Luxurious Contemporary House in Modern Minimalist
If you have more budget, of course there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with luxurious housing for the results of your hard work. Having a luxury home can be a pride in itself. In addition to being used as a place to live, luxury homes can also be a profitable investment.

Contemporary mansions have the characteristics of a straight line, balanced proportions, open layout, and abundant natural lighting. Modern contemporary homes are also inspired by the International Style architectural style developed in the 1920s. The distinctive feature of the present house is that the low roof tends to be flat, large glass windows, connected to the outer courtyard, and simple and plain walls with almost no decoration, giving the impression of being spacious, neat and minimalist. Today, many homes now use this style.
When deciding to build a house, you should consider the following:

1. Location
Location is the main thing to consider when buying or building a house. Is it close to work? What is the strategic location? Is it close to the market? We recommend that you choose a location that is not so far from your daily activities. You certainly don't want to spend too much time on the trip.

2. Professional artisan
Builders play an important role in building a house, especially for a luxurious home. Choose those who are experienced and professional. Make sure you know their abilities, can be through testimonials from other people who have used their services, or interviewed them directly. In addition to professionals, builders must also be honest and trustworthy people. After getting a builder who is comfortable with your heart, choose an architect who is professional too, who can read what you want.
Choosing a handyman and architect carelessly will only make you disappointed and spend money because the results are not what you want. Even worse, your house will actually look ugly.

3. Calculate every detail
From the start of the tap in the bathroom to the type of floor, calculate everything in detail. This needs to be done so that later you are not surprised by unexpected costs. Maintaining a budget can be a difficult thing to do when building a luxury house, not to mention other properties such as electronic equipment, sofas, beds, to water taps; unless you want to build a house in stages, it is not immediately finished and indirectly filled with furniture.

4. Security and privacy
Home is a place for us to take refuge. So, it's important to pay attention to the security factor. Usually, luxury homes are in a residential complex with a gate guarded by security staff who are on standby 24 hours. However, if your luxury home is not in a place like this, you can work around this by making your own home gate with motion detection system technology to open it. If your budget is sufficient, there is no harm in hiring a person or two personal security guards to look after your house. Of course we want to feel safe while in the house, right?
Apart from security, inside the house we should also get the privacy we need. Make sure you have a space in the house as a place to keep things personal.

5. Plans for resale
We will never know what will happen. Think about this. Maybe in the future something will happen so you have to leave your luxury home and move to a new place. Although they have no plans to move at all, it is also important to consider this. Build a house that has a sale value.

Building a house with a design that you like is fun, but make a common design that even ordinary people will like. Building a house with a design that is too specific to your character and lifestyle will make it difficult to sell, except for people who have the likes and lifestyle just like you.

Finally, whether to buy or build your own house, the decision is yours. The advantage of building your own home is that you can create your own design with arrangements that fit your lifestyle. However, the disadvantage is that often unexpected costs arise due to miscalculations or other things. Buying a home that is already practical, but can not design at will. Choose which one is most convenient for you.


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