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A Simple but Warm House Plan That You Can Imitate
Before building a house, of course you must be faced with the name of making a home design. There are many considerations when making a design. Some of these include fees, number of family members, land area, and type of house that is the ideal.

There are many types of designs that people like. Of the various types, one that is preferred is a simple minimalist home design. This type of design is indeed in great demand. Apart from being able to take advantage of minimal land, the nuances that are delivered are also warm. You and your family are more comfortable lingering at home.
Then what kind of design can be tried?
1. Ventilate in every room
No matter how good the design of the house, it must be unhealthy if the air supply in each room is lacking. For this reason, this design model allows smooth air circulation for each room. In the back room there is a larger window. The point is to provide more air supply to be more evenly distributed to each room.
2. Modular model
This modular model basically uses limited land. The houses are divided into two sides of land with different functions. For example, the right side is the communal and service side while the left side is the private side, such as the bedroom and bathroom.
3. Design of remaining space utilization
This design also includes a modular design. It's just that, the service room is placed next to the entrance. Instead, communal space is placed behind. This model will provide residual space. Well, you can take advantage of this remaining space as a lounge, a small garden, a clothes drying room, and so on.
4. Design a house equipped with a back garden
For those of you who put the bedroom in the back, can be equipped with the existence of the park. You can give a partition in the form of a glass wall or glass door so that when you are in your room you always feel cool and fresh.

5. Reduction of bulkhead in single rooms
Basically, the design of this room reduces the presence of bulkheads. The point is to make it easier for homeowners to access. Even if there is, it is used to provide insulation on the bed. Even then it was made not too high.
When viewed from the shape, the design of this simple house remains warm, huh. It can even give off an aesthetic element. Are you interested in trying this simple house design?
What about the article you read today? Hopefully it will be useful for you!


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