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Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Minimalist House Pl
The minimalist home design is indeed much liked by millennials because the concept is simple, does not use a lot of materials, and is also certainly environmentally friendly, aka down to earth. To have a minimalist house plan concept has indeed become one of the trend setters that is currently very developed in the community. In addition to the relatively cheaper price, the maintenance is also not too big. A house with a minimalist plan does have a sweet, simple, but elegant impression. It can be even more beautiful if it is equipped with the right color selection and a harmonious interior.
Of the several houses built, modern minimalist house plans have many types, you know. Some of them are house types 21, 36, 54, and 70. Not only in terms of area and size, the layout and floor plans of the houses are also different. Lately, the concept of minimalist house plans has become much in demand by the wider community. Due to several reasons, namely the decrease in residential land due to an increasingly dense population, due to limited time to take good care of the house, and also due to the increasingly narrow residential area due to the dense population in Indonesia.
If you want to make a house, especially a minimalist house plan, don't worry, because there are now many of the best house plan design services. By renting a minimalist house plan, you can lighten your load to build a house. Well, even if you use the services of a house plan, you also have to know how to choose a good minimalist house plan design. Here are some tips and tricks for choosing a minimalist house plan that you need to know!
Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Minimalist House Plan
1. Must Understand Your Own Needs
The main thing that you should pay attention to, before you buy and make your dream minimalist house plan, think about how small or big your house is. For example, a small family consisting of 3 people for example. Buying a house type 36 or 45 will definitely feel more comfortable than a house type 21 or 120. A house type 21 will feel narrower, and 120 even feels too wide. Family comfort is indeed something that must be considered so that your home experience will not feel bored or uncomfortable.
2. Must Pay Attention to the Land of the House to be Used
The other most important thing that you should pay attention to is the land for your home, because basically a house with a minimalist design does not require a large area of ??land. But there is land left in the front and back of the house, which you can later use for a play area or a small beautiful and sweet garden.
3. Pay attention to the air circulation space
In addition, that must be considered beforehand is the air circulation space in your home. This is because it really affects the health of the family. Sunlight that will enter the room really works to kill viruses. Good air circulation can also make your home feel cooler and more comfortable to live in. You need to know that excessive ventilation at the top of the house if not done properly will have a bad impact. The impact is that rainwater can enter the house when it rains. In addition, it can make the air in the house cooler at night.
4. Easy to Renovate If There is Development
Focus on limited land conditions, therefore make sure again the design of the house plan, especially for the house foundation and basic framework, meets the minimum standards for the development of expansion of houses with multi-storey buildings, yes! This planning will really help you to avoid wasting costs that could arise due to the development of space and areas in the future.
5. Determine the number of rooms in the house
When you have made a list and a lot of research, your next step can be to determine how many rooms and the number of floors in the house. If the building already exists, you can conduct a survey and directly divide the room according to your needs. Well, if the building doesn't exist yet, you can draw a floor plan based on the size of the land and also the location to be built.
6. There is a correlation in every room in the house plan
For the next step you can relate the space requirements to each other. For example, you can place the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom, another example you can place the dining room close to the kitchen. Well, after that you can give the zoning diagram of the relationship between the spaces in your home. Seen which part of the room is a private area and which is a public area. Make sure each zone doesn't get messy and disturb your comfort!
7. Create a Specific House Plan
Finally, you can make images such as doors and windows with specifics. Don't forget to also make sure the direction is correct. In addition, so as not to be confused, give a name to each floor plan in a different room. You can also make a floor plan by providing a direct description of the material and size. It can also be the thickness of the wall, the symbol of the material, the symbol for opening doors and windows, and much more. You can also complete the dimensions of the room and the height of the floor along with other architectural details.
To describe a good and ideal house plan is like when you can increase the comfort in the house you are going to live in. Apart from being comfortable, the house plan must also have a good air ventilation design and plenty of space between one room and another. You can also determine what furniture is suitable for use and also does not interfere with the cable system. Well, I hope this article is useful for those of you who are planning to build a minimalist house. Good luck!


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