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How is the roof of the house in the style of Feng
The roof of the house is a protection from wind, rain and sun. According to feng shui, the roof of the house must be designed as well as possible. Otherwise, various imbalances will bring bad feng shui into the house. Do you believe in Feng Shui? Check out the following info:
What is the meaning of the various forms of the roof from the feng shui side?
1. Triangular shaped roofs are great because they let excess water flow down and don't collect on the roof. The triangle can create trouble for neighbors if the top of the triangle is pointing directly at someone's door. If neighbors use Pa Kua mirrors, then it can send harmful energy into your home.
2. If the roof is tilted to one side, whichever side the slope of the roof is tilted to, the luck of the occupants will be eroded.
3. For a large roof in front, but small in back, symbolizes a person who is successful at first, but less luck at the end of his life.
4. The roof in the form of a coin is in the form of a quarter circle. Shapes like four circles have barely any chi, so they won't do much good. This form will actually affect the vitality of its inhabitants.
5. The roof of the house is in the shape of a crescent moon, very suitable for those who work in the Armed Forces, because many have metal elements.
6. Try to make the roof of the house balanced with the size of the house. A roof that is too big creates bad feng shui. It is a symbol that the person is always unlucky. The horn-shaped roof will "split" the house, so that the family will also be divided.
7. Buildings that have two or more floors, should not use a flat roof. Houses with flat roofs are considered to be inadequate protection. Such a "striking" building should use a proper roof. Otherwise, the feng shui of the house will be bad.
8. A round roof without beginning or end is a form of perfection. Usually used by religious groups.
9. The roof of the pyramid is a mysterious powerful form and has great Yin energy. Therefore it is very good if used for museums and places that utilize Yin energy. Such a roof has mystical powers. The pyramidal roof is not suitable for living. In addition, the shape is also not suitable for office blocks and shopping complexes.
10. Avoid the blue roof, because it will cause loss, starvation and death. Therefore, water on the roof is considered very bad feng shui. The best tiles for the roof are the dark red and red ones.
Choose a roof that brings good energy to its inhabitants. Have you made your choice?


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