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Mediterranean House Roof Design

The roof is the part that has the function of protecting the house from the heat or rain. In addition, the house is also able to give a touch of beauty that makes the house look attractive and steal attention. The selection of the roof to look harmonious, of course, must be adjusted to the style of the house. Because, each style of the house, each of which has a different design concept. This difference lies in the shape of the building, the use of color and the appearance of other elements, the materials used are sometimes not the same, including the roof. For example, in a Mediterranean-style house, usually the shape and design that is most often applied is sloping, namely a horse saddle or wooden horses and a pyramid consisting of four sides. Although here and there a shield roof is found. And most buildings use deep eaves. The tile that covers the top of the list plank still leaves the list plank at the bottom. In one building, sometimes this roof consists of several parts and each has a different design concept. Then for the bottom, a complementary element is given in the form of a place to drain rainwater. So the water does not fall directly to the bottom, but flows through the pipe installed at the corner.


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