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How to Overcome Roof Problems
Leaks on the roof of the house can be caused by many things. If it is left unchecked and not handled properly, the condition of the roof will certainly worsen. The problem will also increase when the rainy season arrives. Rainwater that falls will enter the house through the roof gap, causing humidity and flooding. So that it does not happen to you, first know the damage and treat it appropriately.
Here are the tips for you.
Repair the Tile
Often times, the problem of leakage on the roof is caused by the sliding tile position. In addition, the improper placement of tiles can also cause gaps and become a way for water to enter. For that, check and fix the tile position periodically. Not only the position, leaks can also be caused by broken, cracked, or even missing tiles. It can be caused by an animal or by blowing strong winds. Immediately replace the damaged part so that the roof doesn't leak!
Give it a waterproof layer
One of the effective and economical ways to deal with leaks is to use a waterproof layer, aka watertight. You can do this process if the damage to the tile or roof is not too large, such as small holes or cracks. The application is quite easy. It is enough to apply the coating material on the problematic part and then wait for it to dry. The watertight liquid itself will enter the holes and cracks and act as a patch. Alternatively, you can use a waterproof carpet or base such as a tarp to cover the part of the tile that is leaking. This is a temporary alternative if you don't have time to repair the roof when it rains.
Roof Remodel
Construction errors, unsuitable tile and roof elevations, and poor material selection can also cause water to seep into the house. Problems like this must be overcome by fixing and perfecting the section. Even if the damage is severe, it is highly recommended that you remodel the roof of the house. Avoid these mistakes early on or from the time you build your house. Do this seriously so that later you don't have to pay a lot of maintenance costs. Imagine the money that would have to be spent to repair the roof if it was done carelessly. Of course it will be very expensive.
Repair Drains
Clogged, broken, too small, or improperly sloped drains can have an effect on the seepage of water from the roof into the house. If that happens to you, immediately check the gutters and drain pipes that are attached to the top of the house. Clean the drains from leaves, moss, and garbage regularly so that the channel can function properly. Also improve its position if there is a shift or change in the shape of the pipeline.
Hopefully these tips are useful for all of you.


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