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Know the Function of the Roof Type
Have you ever noticed the shape of the roofs of houses? Apparently, the shape is not uniform, you know. There are several forms of roof that are popularly used in Indonesia, namely the form of a saddle. However, there are also houses that use a roof shape that we are not used to seeing. Apparently, the decision to use a certain shape is not only related to the exterior appearance of a house. There are other things that can be considered when we want to use a certain roof shape. Come on, get to know the forms of the roof and their respective functions!
Skillion roof
Currently, many architects use a futuristic and minimalist design. This roof design does look clean and simple, suitable for the souls of the millennial generation who want practicality. This type of roof only takes one side without meeting the other side. The advantage is that this roof will drain rainwater only to one side of the building, which means that leak detection is easier to do
Gable roof
This roof is the most commonly used in housing. This type of roof is the easiest to make, the simplest, the safest, and the most suitable for various home designs. The gable consists of two sloping planes whose ends meet in a straight line, which is called a bumbungan. This roof has the advantage of making it easier to detect leaks, especially if they occur in the bumbung section. In addition, this type of roof has good heat absorption. Therefore, it's no wonder this type of roof is so popularly used in tropical regions.
Saw roof
This type of roof is usually used for factory buildings. This roof design consists of two or more planes, each of which has a slope angle of 30 to 60 degrees. The amount of the angle of inclination depends on the conditions of the room. The steep side of the roof is intended to prevent the occupants of the building from direct sunlight, while the other side is intended to capture sunlight. This type of roof was very popular in use in the 19th century because it was considered to be very good at capturing sunlight so it was suitable for buildings that were not all electrified.
Flat roof
Don't like a tapered roof? You can try a flat roof. This design is very simple and easy to make. In addition, it is suitable for houses with minimalist design, multi-storey buildings, balconies and terraces. However, even though the design is simple, maintenance of buildings with flat roofs is quite difficult. Some of them are the calculation of the discharge of rainwater stored on the roof and the calculation of the air circulation space so that the temperature in the room is not too hot.
The attic roof
This roof is usually used by European houses, especially France. This type of roof has been used by Europeans since the Middle Ages. This type of roof is a combination of a gambrel roof and a shield roof. This roof has steep sections on each side with a characteristic high and pointed roof. Due to its tall design, the free space on the roof is usually used as an attic or additional room. That way, a house with this roof usually has more additional free space, it can be used for additional space or as air circulation.
Pyramid roof
The pyramid roof model is one of the most complex and requires precise calculations. To get the same width and height on each side, it is necessary to do the correct calculation. This type of roof is usually used for parts of the house that have a land area that is not too large. Pyramid roofs can also be combined with other roof models, when a house building has small parts.
So, which model would you choose for your beloved home?


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