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Reasons Why You Should Use Spandek Roofs
Spandek roof is a type of roof made from a mixture of aluminum and zinc. However, in the manufacturing process, there is also additional silicon in the mixture to increase the flexibility level of the roofing product. From the composition of these mixed materials, a roofing product is created that is strong, durable, lightweight and easy to shape.

Advantages of Using a Spandek Roof

When compared to roofs made of other materials or types, the surface part of the spandex roof is different. This difference has the aim that paint and color application can be done more easily. So that the installation process does not require a long time and is more efficient. There are several advantages of spandex roof that you need to know. Here is the review.

More varied colors

As previously discussed, the surface of a spandex roof can be painted using the desired color combination. But basically, this roof has also been provided by the manufacturer in a variety of attractive color variants. The goal is to attract higher market interest. So that there is no limit to the color of this type of roof.

Good staying power and long time

Spandek roof is a roofing material that has long durability and is durable and can be used for a long period of time. This roof can last up to decades of use. This is due to the combination of the right composition between aluminum and zinc which can make it sturdy and strong.

Anti-break, anti-porous and anti-termite

The average spandex roof has a thickness of about 0.5 mm, which can be classified as quite thin because the thickness does not reach 1 cm. However, this roof is still sturdy, strong and can last a long time because it is made from quality basic materials. The process of making this roof is still done professionally to avoid things that are not desirable. Spandek roofs also have anti-breakage, anti-porous, anti-cracking and of course anti-termite properties.

An affordable price

When compared to some other roofing materials, this spandex roof is more pocket friendly. The price of the spandex roof adjusts to the thickness that consumers need. The thicker the roofing material that the consumer wants, the higher the price that must be issued.

Easy and fast installation

The advantage of this roof is that the installation process tends to be easier. Besides that, it also does not require a long time to install so it saves energy. Installation of a spandex roof does not require a complicated frame structure and is only in the form of mild steel. The use of spandex roofs is also considered safer to be applied to buildings that are standing in areas that have considerable wind strength. The roofing material of this spandex can reduce the risk of collapsing on the roof.

As previously discussed, spandek roofs differ from roofs from other materials or models, especially in the size and surface area of ??this roof. This type of roof has the form of sheets made of a mixture of zinc and aluminum. Some manufacturers use a silicone additive mixture to increase the flexural strength of this type of roof, making it more elastic and easier to fit into buildings.

For those of you who are looking for a spandex roof as a roofing material, you can directly contact us at 021-55658080 or wa 081380808089. Here you can get more complete information about spandex roof as the best choice for a sturdy and strong roof. You can also find various attractive color variants of spandex roofs at a more affordable price. May be useful.


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