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Repair Leaking Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts in the building. Because the roof is a protector for the occupants below. The function of the roof is to dispel the sun's rays or heat directly from above. In addition, the roof serves as a protective building from rain water. So that the roof is needed in a building.

But the problem is when the roof starts to leak. Leaky roof will make rain water into the building which will create new problems in the building such as the roof frame that starts to break, the ceiling or humid ceiling, damp walls, wet floors, damage to furniture, the appearance of mold, and other problems.

Moreover, buildings in areas that have high rainfall such as Indonesia which has a tropical climate and such as the City of Bogor, known as the City of Rain, should pay more attention to roof plans and need more supervision when building a roof. So that the roof can be durable in the future. For that, we will discuss about repairing a leaky roof.

Caring for Leaking Roofs

There is a term that is better to prevent than cure or repair, that is very justified. The roof is the same as other parts of the house that also requires regular maintenance at least once every 3-6 months we have to take care of our roof. What should be considered in caring for a roof? Following routine maintenance on the roof:

1. Clean the roof from dirt such as leaves, sand deposits, moss and others that can disturb the flow of water on the roof. In addition to cleaning the roof, it also cleans gutters which can clog the water flow which causes water to enter the building through the roof tip.

2. Check the position of tiles that go down or tilt. If the tile position changes from its original position due to the passing of animals or the other, then it must be immediately repositioned. Because the sloping tile position will cause a gap between the tiles.

3. For the roof is not, it is necessary to check the quality of the concrete, is there any cracks that can make the water seep into the building.

4. Check the roof slope. There are several standard roof slope angles, such as using ceramic tile or ordinary clay tile, then the slope angle is> 30 degrees. Meanwhile, to use metal or zinc tile, the angle of slope is> 15 degrees.

Repair Leaking Roof

Here are the steps to fix a leaky roof:

1. The first step is to look for sources of leakage on the roof. When we search, it's best when it rains. Because water enters the building we can go along the water flow and find the source of the leak. Because where the water drips inside the building, it is not certain that the leakage point is at the dripping water point. It could be that the water flows first through the rake or the horse in the lower direction.

2. If you are looking for a source of leakage when it is not raining, then you must know the trace of the flow of water at the point of leakage.

3. If the source of the leak is known, then we will know the cause of the leak. If the cause is the position of the tile to shift, then we just need to reposition the tile as before. If there are cracks or broken tiles, they must be replaced.

4. To overcome the concrete roof that is not leaking is to patch with wire mesh and waterproof that are widely sold in the market. It can also be done by patching cracked hair on the concrete by making holes in the cracked concrete, then applying concrete glue, then patching it with a new cement mixture.

5. After the roof has been repaired, the next step is to repair the ceiling that was exposed to water. Do not let the ceiling become damp and fragile, let alone arise fungus that can interfere with health.

Repairing a leaky roof requires more patience. Because leakage on the roof cannot immediately be good, but repairs are needed until it is perfect. If difficulties overcome the roof leak alone, it must be done by experts in this case are contractors or builders or builders.

Repairing Stubborn Leaking Roofs

If after we repair it repeatedly and the roof still leaks, then there are other alternatives to overcome the rain water that enters the building. The trick is to drain the rain water that drips into a safer place. The way is very easy, namely by placing a bucket on the ceiling (placed on the ceiling frame and tied tightly) in the right place below the dripping water point, so that the bucket holds rainwater temporarily, then at the bottom of the bucket we give a hole and we connect it with pralon or hose for us to flow water to a safer place.

Easy enough right?
We really do not expect a leaky roof. To avoid this, certainly a good building design planning is needed. Starting from the beginning of the planning until the development stage must be really considered so that the worst possibility does not happen in the future. To cope better, you should use the services of a building contractor or an expert according to the expert.

Thus this article Repairing the Leaking Roof, hopefully can help you in the problem of a leaky roof.


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