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The Wall of the Kos Rembes Room?

The rainy season has arrived. Almost every day the rain falls on the beloved city. In addition to flooding and leaky roofs, seepage walls are often one of the inevitable problems. Not only is it unsightly, seeping walls will also damage the resilience of the walls and surrounding furniture, moldy, to make the room damp and smell. To overcome this, we first need to explore the cause of the seepage that occurs on the wall. Is it from the bathroom (if the boarding room uses a bathroom), due to high rainfall, or lack of maintenance on the wall. If you experience this in a boarding room, please do some of the following tips.

1. Do not rush to repaint the wall, check first if there are cracks or not

If you do repainting without first searching for what causes the walls to seep, then all you do will be in vain. There are several possibilities behind the emergence of water seepage areas on the walls. Try checking the seepage of the wall and the reverse side. Look for even the smallest cracks that are as small as hair. The flexible nature of water can pass through small gaps especially if large amounts of water are like heavy rain.

2. If the walls of the room are directly adjacent to the bathroom, try checking the ceramic walls of the bathroom

Usually, the bathroom wall is coated with ceramic so that the water splashes do not enter the wall of the side room and cause damp or mold. Try checking the part between the ceramics, is there any loose or cracked ceramic grout. Water that is easily seeped through small cracks will make the wall become seepage.

3. Give a waterproof layer to the wall directly exposed to rainwater

When you have checked the wall and there are no broken or damaged parts, it could be because the wall is old. When the walls are old, the waterproof layer is most likely already not working properly. No wonder if it's too long to rain, water can seep to the opposite side.

4. If the wall has severe seepage to mold or mildew, handle it this way

Prepare the following ingredients:

- water

- vinegar

- Spray bottles

- Waterproof basic paint

- Paint finishing with color according to taste

- Brush, roller brush, paint place

- Sandpaper

- White cement

How to overcome:

- First, add water and vinegar with a ratio of 1: 1 into the spray bottle and shake the bottle so that the two are evenly mixed.

- Spray vinegar water solution on the part of the wall that is moldy thoroughly and let the surface peel off.

- Scrape the entire surface of the wall evenly.

- Patch the wall with a hole with white cement and then let it dry.

- After the wall is sanded until thoroughly continue the process by painting the wall. Use waterproof paint as the base layer. After drying, re-coat the wall with paint that matches the color of the previous wall.

5. For the time being, coat the walls seeping with wallpaper or wrapping paper so the room is not too damp

The function of the wallpaper is to cover the walls of the house instead of paint. Well, you can cover the part of the wall that seeps with the wallpaper for a while. If you don't have wallpaper and are in an emergency to immediately cover the wall, use wrapping paper. But remember, you must immediately repair the seepage condition with the 4 methods above, yes!

The five solutions above can be done independently. However, if you do not find the reason why the dorm room walls can seep, you should contact your boarding house or waterproofing services with various brands or products that are now available everywhere. Especially if the problem is with a roof or house gutters leak. Good luck!


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