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Model of a Good House Roof

Characteristics of a Minimalist Roof There are several types, namely:

- Has a neat size, can be rectangular or rectangular side

- Simple design but has several color models to choose from

- Motifs are simple but still display modern elements

- Shaped flat or tilted. Most are tilted to give a more comfortable feeling at home

Minimalist Roof Design Variations

1. A steep slope roof. You can see this design model on the roof of a house with one side mounted high and the other side decreasing. On the high side it is usually needed to give a high impression to the ceiling of the house on one side.

2. Flat roof model, usually applied to homes in a modern residential environment. This roofing material is made of concrete that is impermeable to water. If you apply this flat model, you must make a way to reduce rain water so that it is not flooded when it rains.

3. The roof model of the house is sloping on 2 sides. This is a model of the roof of the house that is most often used in middle-low housing. This type of roof is usually a mild steel roof made with the left and right sides of each model in the opposite direction.

4. A gentle slope roof model. In contrast to point 1 above, which forms a steep sloping model, while the model of this house sloping slope around 20-30 degrees.

5. The roof model of the house that has a V-shaped slope. This is the opposite of point 3 above. In this type, the slope is on 2 opposite sides, but the meeting point (midpoint) has a low level, forming a letter V. The inside of the house just below the meeting line looks quite unique.

Before deciding which model of a minimalist roof you will apply to the building of your house, you should consider the consequences and conditions of the surrounding environment. If it often rains, the roof of the V model and the flat roof are not suitable because the rain water is feared to be less than the roof.


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