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How to choose a minimalist roof to last
The following are 3 ways to choose a minimalist home roof to last.

1. Consider the weather
Weather is one of the things you must pay attention to when you choose a minimalist roof. Why should it be considered? Yes, because the roof of the house will protect you from all weather, both heat and rain. For countries such as Indonesia, people prefer to choose a tile roof or zinc as their roof because the roof of the house is felt to be easier to drain rain than a concrete roof as applied to homes in Arabia.

2. Choose the appropriate roof shape
The roof of the house certainly offers a variety of forms. Maybe, for a house in Indonesia, the shape of their minimalist roof is usually in the form of a horse gable. Yes, the shape of a roof like that is considered easier to flow rain and also reflect sunlight. When the roof for a minimalist house is applied is a flat roof, of course it feels less appropriate because the flat roof will make rainwater remember and cause leakage over time.

3. Price of the roof
Many people say that prices determine the quality of a product. Likewise, when you want to make a minimalist roof, of course you need roofing materials that can make the roof last even though it is exposed to heat and rain. It would be nice, look for the quality of a durable roof, no problem if the price is a little more expensive than you buy a cheap roofing material, but you have to replace it many times because the roof often leaks when it rains.


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