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Design of Roof Limas Design for the roof

The roof is one element of the house that is no less important than the other parts. Because the shape of the roof will have a significant impact on how your final appearance will look. Usually, almost all houses are the same roof today, especially if the house is included in the housing or cluster. Not infrequently, you must feel bored and want to change it a little. Well, you can try the creation of a roof with a pyramid roof design.

Roof limas, or what is also called a roof shield is a more perfect form of gable in the form of two inclined planes that form a trapezoid. The limas roof looks more proportional in terms of size compared to the gable, but the manufacturing process is very complicated. This is what makes the Limas roof has a price that is more expensive than an ordinary roof. Here are some of the limas roof creations that can be your inspiration:

Creative Roof Shape Vintage Limas

The first is a vintage form. The creation of the roof design of this house is quite popular in buildings with classic western-style architecture. His trademark is the edges that are not bent down. This creation will show the impression of a vintag on residential, also giving a classic impression that is quite thick. On neighboring continents, this roof model is most often found in farmhouse owners or for the farm itself.

Creative Atap Lima Ala Mediterania

Next is the Mediterranean form which is often found in the same style of residence, especially in Europe. Houses that carry the Mediterranean concept usually choose roofing material with natural or earthy-tone colors. The form of the limas that are applied also varies, ranging from the base pyramid to the cone pyramid with a hexagon or eight base. In Indonesia, this alloy is quite popular, because it displays a unique impression but still dynamic.

Creation of Half Open Roof Limas

The roof of the pyramid-shaped house has indeed been found in high-end residential to display the impression of luxury. Although fairly simple in appearance, you can combine the elements of the half-open roof on the occupancy to highlight the unique and anti-streamline impression. You can use a half-open model to use a balcony if you have more than one floor. Use a partition made of glass so you can watch the scenery outside the house without the need to open the glass.

Creations of Oriental Style Roof Limas

Want to have an oriental-style residence? No need to build from the beginning, you just need to create the shape of the roof of the house. The oriental-style limas roof has a slightly curved feature at the bottom. So that your occupancy can not be separated from the impression of modern, you should not use too many decorations for the roof.

Creation of Atap Limas Shape Octagon

The base of the pyramid roof with a square shape must have been very ordinary. Well, try to slightly create it by changing its basic shape, for example, into an octagonal shape. This form has been widely adapted by occupancy in America and Europe because it displays a distinctive attractive impression. Even so, carefulness and caution are needed when you apply it, because of the wrong precision can cause a house leak.

That was some of the pyramid roof creations for roofs that you can try. May be useful!


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