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Guide to Choosing a Functional Minimalist Roof

In a minimalist home exterior design, one of the important parts to note is the roof of the house. This aims to provide beauty to the residential house. The most important house roof design and must get more attention is on the terrace. This is because the terrace is the most frequently seen part so it must have a capable supporting factor so that it still looks beautiful, not least on the roof.

The roof model in a minimalist home will always adjust to the shape of the house so that there is an artistic suitability. To design a roof on a minimalist style porch, people today prefer to use cast concrete instead of wearing tiles. The advantages of cast concrete will make the roof of the house look simpler and more durable when compared to using tiles. However, you can still add a tiled roof to your home so that it gives a more natural impression to your home. Minimalist home roof models have a variety of designs or shapes. In general, the shape of a house roof in a one-story minimalist house that is quite widely used are simple forms such as rectangles and pyramid. Other models, for example, are flat roofs, gable roofs, shield roofs, and roof supports.

The roof model with a simple and commonly used design in all buildings is a gable model. The saddle roof has two sides of a field that meet on a line called a ridge. The gable roof design has a slope of 35 degrees. The slope can function to reduce rainwater directly down. Meanwhile for the roof shield model is a further development on the gable. The roof model of this minimalist house has an inclined plane on all sides consisting of 2 triangular fields and 3 trapezoidal fields. The gable model has an angle of 30-40 degrees.

The advantages of the roof with a shield design is that it will be able to protect almost all parts of the outer wall from the pouring rain and sun. Then, the design of the roof and flat roof are usually used in additional building parts such as overhang or in harmony. Besides being important in choosing the shape that will be applied to the roof, the other important thing is the color of the minimalist roof. We recommend that the color of the roof be adjusted to the design of your minimalist home. Usually the colors used are neutral colors like gray and black. You can also consider colors that are slightly darker than the color of the main wall of your home.

For example, if your house's walls are light green, then the color of the roof can be dark green. The color of the roof like chocolate is also quite popular. At present the roofs are mostly painted in shiny colors to produce a more attractive appearance


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