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Caring for House Tiles and Current Tile Trends

Not only does house tile function as a protective home from a variety of weather conditions but also adds to the aesthetics of the building. Even using attractive tile colors is also one way for developers to lure prospective buyers. In addition to paying attention to quality, size and shape is also a weighing factor when choosing tile.

The shape of a large tile can add a more solid and firm impression to the building. Large and middle-sized tiles are in great demand today. Because the size is larger than the size of conventional tile is considered more economical and efficient.

Large tile for 1 square meter requires 18 seeds. Meanwhile, small tiles require up to 25 seeds. So the number of tiles needed is finally less so that it is more economical and it can also save on the use of buffer wood in each section.

This situation makes spending more economical because less wood for roofing. The presence of tile with a stronger and wider model is also followed by the presence of a choice of tile that uses a layer of rock above it.

This tile, coupled with a layer of rock, looks more attractive because the surface of the tile looks to be more natural, strong and beautiful and has denser pores so it is guaranteed not to leak during the rainy season. Not only that, tile that has been coated with rocks is also claimed to be more durable, not mossy, and also won't be damaged due to weather changes. Regarding the price itself varies greatly depending on the type and thickness of each.

After you choose the tile of the house and install it, as a homeowner you also need to take care of these tiles to make it more durable to protect the house and beautify the appearance of your home. Here are some tips that you can do.

Checking Roofs Periodically
You must check the roof regularly. Preferably before the rainy season comes, you check and repair as needed. The examination is ideally carried out every 2-3 months. This is because the indication of damage to the tile will not cause direct leakage. After 3 to 4 times heavy rain, new water will begin to seep and cause the roof to rot.

Replacing Broken Roof Tiles
Do it carefully when replacing damaged tiles. Note the tile footing so as not to damage the other tiles.

Pay attention to the Nok area
Don't forget to pay attention to the end of the tile that is plastered with cement or also often called the nok area. Because the part often experiences leaks. The faster it is overcome, the cheaper the cost must be.

Tropical Tile
For the tropics, the most suitable type of house tile is tipsy clay tiles so that they are more resistant to weather and weather changes. In addition, do repainting for painted tiles.


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