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Cleaning the roof of a house to look like new

The roof of a house is often mossy or leaky? Confused about how to clean it? You don't need to worry anymore, see how to make the roof back like new.

Cleaning Stains on the Roof of the House

Working steps

- Clean the roof of mold and other dirt by using scrap and sandpaper

- Cover with an alkali sealer to block the spots so that the painting does not streak. Wait for one or two hours so that the alkali sealer layer is completely dry.

- Prepare wall paint. For painting, you should use wall paint because the results are better than using wood or oil paint. On the first painting, the paint is added with 10% water, while the second paint adds 20% water.

- Paint the ceiling with rollers evenly. The ceiling will look clean again

Cleaning Mushrooms on the Roof of the House

- Use bodyguard (dehumidifer).

- Make a mushroom cleaning solution.

- Wear safety goggles and masks or respirators.

- Spray the cleaning solution on the mold seen on the ceiling of the house.

- Rub the mushrooms using the rough side of the cleaning sponge.

- Spray the solution again.

- Let the ceiling dry.

- Emery ceiling.

- Re-paint the ceiling using specially formulated paint.

Cleaning the roof of a mossy house

- Scrubbing

- Power Washing

- Remove moss with a roof cleaner made from hydrogen peroxide

- Prevent moss from growing on the roof

Cleaning the roof of the house to be safe from leaks

- Check Shower or Roof Gutters

- Check moldy ceilings

- Clean the moss

- Check Roofing Flashing

- Rotting fascia boards

Cleaning the roof of a house from a spider's nest

- Wash your wall

- Spider Control

- Spray Lemon Furniture oil

Eliminating Scars Leaked On Roofs of Houses

- First, clean all the ceiling surfaces from mold and dirt using absorbent and sandpaper t-shirts. Use the ladder to reach the ceiling. Be careful when doing this, not to damage / break the ceiling.
- Second, cover the surface of the ceiling where there are leaking stains using an alkali sealer. It is intended that the entire ceiling painting will look even, and there will be no color effects such as streaks. Let stand for 1-2 hours so that the layer dries perfectly.
- The third step is the first part of the ceiling painting. This stage functions as a color background so that the final paint results will look clean and tidy. The wall paint used should be mixed with water with a ratio of 10: 1. Use a roller to make it easier for you to paint the entire ceiling surface.
- In the fourth stage, you will apply the second coat of paint. Unlike the first layer, paint the second layer using a mixture of paint and water with a ratio of 5: 1. Its function is to give a certain color to the ceiling of your home.
- As a final step, you can tidy up the paint results, especially in the corners of the room.

Good luck and hopefully help your work at home.


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