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How to Make a Unique Chinese Home Roof
atap rumah cinaOne of the main attractions of Chinese buildings is its unique roof shape. If other roofs usually use a plain shape only, but the Chinese-style roof of the house is always equipped with ornament which is usually two dragon animals with opposite positions.
Then what is the bottom, given another decoration that looks the same but with a more complete look. Because there is not only dragon animals in the place, but also other ornament with a very distinctive shape and always use a red and green dominant color which sometimes combined with the golden yellow color.
Especially if the roof is using the form of pyramid, then the ornaments or ornaments that appear can be more. The use of ornaments on the roof is indeed one of the main characteristics in buildings that use traditional Chinese style.
The design of the roof with a very beautiful and attractive appearance can be used as a new reference source to create a benuk or other styles but with the same concept. As for techniques and how to make the roof of this Chinese house can be done by replacing the dragon decoration using other ornaments. Similarly, the use of color can be replaced other colors are more varied and can bring a more bright and cheerful feel.
Examples are as shown in the figure. The ornaments on the edge of the roof of this pyramid model is divided into three. Each has a different shape but still appear as a unified whole, because each in part is always associated with a place of elongated form elements.
The dominant colors used are white combined with blue and other colors as a variation. At the top of the dragon animals are replaced with fish with a standing position on the head. Media to place this fish statue in the form of a field whose shape soars upward. Field size large enough is equipped with ornament in the form of two-dimensional carvings with a very clear and detailed look.
Further below it again there are other decorations in the form of miniature Chinese tower that there are two numbers and are in a position that is adjacent to each other. This building is usually used to perform prayers. It's just that the form of a priest who often appears replaced by another form, namely some soldiers facing forward. Two trees in which there are two numbers are placed at the end of the left and right.
A more attractive look also appears on the roof or the miniature of the building. There is the form of a god who is carrying two white flower stalks. While wearing clothing using red. Similarly, a tapered cap worn over the head, also using the same color.
Furthermore, at the bottom end, there are ornaments of three-dimensional carvings that form towering upwards, then cornering again towards the bottom and toward the miniature tower. While the existing leaf shape in the engraving is still pointing outwards. The types of colors used there are various, blue, red, yellow and green.
Then the latter, the edge of the roof under the green ornaments given. Only, this ornament still uses a style that has been used often is a curve-shaped that at the top is given a large circle. The look of this decoration follows the shape of the roof arrangement used.


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